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Low Density Cartridge Heater (RBC)

Low Density Cartridge Heaters, as opposed to High Density Cartridge Heaters, do not tolerate high frequencies of movement, sustained beatings or high operating temperatures above 300 ° C.

General Properties

  • Flexible connecting cables from the inside and protected with ceramic head according connection type nº 300 (Standard).
  • Normalized diameter in metric (mm):

Tolerance ø:

< 1.000 mm: -0,02 -0,10 
+ 1000mm: ± 0,10 

Length Tolerance +2 -2 mm.

*Other diameters and lengths available on request.

Quality control

  • Insulation: 5 MOhm at 500 V DC Cold (minimum).
  • Dielectric strength: 1500 V 1 second.
  • Nominal Power: + 5% – 10%

Instructions for installation and mounting

  • The adjustment of the cartridge in the hole is very important for the proper functioning and performance.
  • The regulation of the temperature is essential and for this we recommend to place the measuring point not more than 15mm separately from the cartridge.

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