Resistencias calor industrial


Heating Collar (RAB)


This type of heating is used mainly in the plastics industry (injection) for heating the spindles.

These collars, as well as the flat heating plates must fully rest fixed on the spindle, so that the heat dissipation is as perfect as possible.

The surface charge may not exceed 4 W/cm2. They are manufactured according to the specifications of each customer.

General Properties

  • Sheath material stainless steel AISI-430.
  • Core and insulation of mica.
  • Heating conductor from NCr80/20
  • Holes for thermocouple possible

Quality Control

  • Insulation: 5 MOhm at 500 V DC Cold (minimum).
  • Dielectric strength: 1500 V 1 second.
  • Nominal Power: + 5% – 10%

Connection options

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